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Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

What is CART?

CART providers are trained professionals who provide written speech-to-text accommodation (captions) for a wide variety of individuals including d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing folks, folks whose first language is not English, folks with conditions which limit auditory processing, and many others.

CART is often preferred by those with hearing loss who have some extent of residual hearing, as captions can help clarify dialogue, sound effects, and speakers. Additionally, folks who are d/Deaf and do not use ASL often use CART as their preferred method of accommodation.

Why use CART?

CART captioning is classified as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and many individuals or organizations choose to use CART either in place of, or in conjunction with, an ASL interpreter. The reasoning for using both ASL and CART for a single event varies but in sum, this helps to ensure all d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks feel comfortable with the accommodations being provided.

We are often asked about the comparison between live CART captioners and computer produced auto-captions. You can read more about this in our FAQ (link), but in short, auto-captions are generated by artificial intelligence and thus inherently do not provide the same level of accuracy, nuance, care and accessibility as a live, human captioner. 

How do we use CART captions?

The captions produced by the CART provider can be projected onto larger screens for larger audiences, or can be made accessible to individuals on personal screens for smaller meetings and events. We also provide Post-Production Captioning, wherein folks can send us pre-recorded videos to which we will add captions and return the video to you for future use.

Though the vast majority of our CART providers currently specialize in remote work, we may be able to provide an in-person CART provider for your event upon request.

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“We've consistently received timely and thorough responses from the customer service team at Joyful Signing for all of our requests. Their ASL interpreters are professional, on-time and ready at each assignment we've partnered with them for.”

UNO Translations and Communications, LLC Team

"Joyful Signing, LLC provides consistently high quality support for making our library's programs and services more accessible to customers. We are particularly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a locally-owned business that shares our values and commitment to public service."

Nicholas Brown, COO for Communication and Outreach, Prince George's County Memorial Library System

“We are very pleased with Joyful Signing! Their attention to detail and willingness to help us every step of the way has translated into very happy patrons that have enjoyed our productions. We give them the highest of recommendations.”

Olney Theater

“The Joyful Signing team is always a pleasure to work with. They always reply to our requests quickly and are able to accommodate all of our varying show needs. The team is prompt and professional and goes out of their way to provide a personalized experience for each guest. We regularly receive guest feedback stating how much they enjoy their interactions with the interpreters.”

Taylor Winstead, Senior Manager Entertainment

“Joyful Signing has provided amazing ASL and Closed Captioning support for large public webinars for hundreds of people. Their team is responsive, professional and a JOY to work with. Even if we haven't had a specific request for ASL or Closed Captioning, offering these options greatly enhances the experience for everyone. The ASL providers are so expressive, and the ability to read captions means no one--hearing or not--ever has to miss a beat.”

Kana Hammon, Race Forward

“I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm for the team at Joyful Signing. I have watched this team grow and evolve into a caring, thoughtful, and committed member to the greater Washington metropolitan community. I have seen the Joyful team serve clients and engage audiences at both MGM National Harbor and the Something in the Water Music Festival. Each interpreter demonstrates professionalism and a cheerful attitude. My company was fortunate to work with us during our recent LEGENDS Gala at the Anthem on the District Wharf. Joyful provided interpreters for our guests and during our concert featuring Tony! Tone! Toni! and Joy was exceptional. We can’t recommend them enough!”

Saletta Coleman, Good Luck PR Partner

The Salamander Resort & Spa

The captioning service provided by Joyful Signing was a true asset during The Family Reunion 2022 event weekend. Our talent team included a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community, and we secured a captioner through Joyful Signing to ensure she had complete access to the conversation during her panel discussion. The booking process was easy, their captioner arrived early and ensured that the set-up for our services was executed seamlessly. Our panelists said the service was well done and extremely helpful. We would definitely seek their services again. - The Salamander Resort & Spa

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At Joyful Signing, we are committed to providing excellent customer service for our customers and D/deaf and Hard-of-Hearing consumers through clear and accurate communication. If you’d like to hire our interpreters for your next event, or are interested in joining our team, use the links below to get in touch.